Scentered is a unique and innovative range of portable, high performance and 100% natural aroma-therapeutic fragrance products designed to support lifestyle balance, enhance mood and help you regain control. It harnesses the time honoured and proven powers of aromatherapy to empower and transform, whenever, and wherever, the need arises.

Scentered Aromatherapy Range

Scentered Escape Aromatherapy Candles

Whilst building a global hotel amenities business, Lara relied heavily on the use of aromatherapy products to boost, calm, rescue, focus and support her during a hectic work and personal schedule across international time zones.

Whilst the therapeutic benefits of the oils were never in doubt, the market offered a limited choice of truly portable aromatherapy solutions, usually featuring: Scentered Therapy Balms

  • Oil based products that left a greasy film on the skin and / or delivered very short lived aroma benefits
  • Effective yet unsophisticated fragrances (or sophisticated yet ineffective fragrances!)
  • Uninspiring packaging and design
  • Messy / leaking product design

This led Lara to explore alternative methods of delivering the benefits of aromatherapy on the go, teaming up with Fay Pottinger to develop the range and brand concept, which proudly launched in Space NK UK stores on 31st March 2015.

Scentered will be donating 10% of net profits to Women for Women International, an organisation that supports and empowers marginalised women in war-torn regions sustainably, through a comprehensive program of education, job skills and business training.

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