My name is Kate Darch, I am the General Manager of activbod. I have been working for Lara for nearly 5 years.

Activbod is a range of skin and bodycare toiletries that have been specially formulated for use pre and post exercise. Developed by skin and sports experts, activbod combines the science of skincare with natural ingredients and the unique needs of sports and exercise enthusiasts to deliver products that help to aid recovery post exercise.
Invigorating gender free fragrances leave skin smelling fresh, fragrance is known to effect mood, our blends help to awaken and revitalise. Warming, cooling and skin protecting ingredients deliver results you can feel helping to aid recovery and rebalance skin moisture levels post exercise.
activbod’s mission is to encourage, inspire and reward active lifestyles. Dedicated to making a difference, it is currently being registered as a social enterprise with a proportion of profits going to the Women’s Sport Trust and also back into improving sporting facilities. With some of the country’s most inspiring sports-people championing the brand, this is one start-up serious about raising the nation’s heart rate!

When I am not working I am usually found walking my dogs.

Prior to working for Lara I worked for Acheson & Acheson one of the UK’s leading full service beauty product providers. Whilst there I worked for a number of well-known brands including Champneys, Elemis, John Lewis and Sainsburys managing their new product development. This provided me a fantastic knowledge base that I have further expanded on since working for Lara.

I first met Lara through a recruitment agent, and pure chance! I had actually been offered another job at the time and had said to Nigel, my very patient recruitment advisor, that I wasn’t sure the job I had been offered was for me. He then suggested something else he potentially knew of but it was a marmite job position and I would either love it or hate it! He arranged a phone interview for me with Lara but didn’t tell me who it was. 3 days later I was presenting to Lara at her home near Salisbury and left with a job. I havent looked back since. Starting and running activbod has been such a steep learning curve but also enormous fun.

What have I learned since meeting Lara? Well I can certainly sell better than I could 5 years ago!
The importance of leadership, delegation and trust in your team, as a fast-growing start up business who all work from home becomes even more vital.

My favourite thing about my work is the variety; my role is so varied and no two days are ever the same. I am constantly learning.

My most proud achievement is that activbod launched straight onto the UK High street in Boots and whilst we are no longer working with Boots, we are hugely excited to be stocked in Tesco Beauty World stores.

The one piece of advice I would offer to anyone starting out in business is this: Know your core customer. Learn as much about them as possible so you can ensure everything you do reaches and speaks to them.

Written by Vicky Charles

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