GROWTH Acceleration

Crucial skills, practice what you preach,
Start with yourself, plan, shadow and share what you teach.
Business is tough, be prepared to make progress mistakes,
The sooner you make the decisions, lessons drive hope and great potential it makes.

Pick yourself up, be ready for the fight.
Small, advantages, fleet of foot, be unique, be right.
Lead by example,
Be memorable and bright.

Books, enlightening pills to apply and absorb,
Set your own targets, you’ll never be bored.
Start with nothing, it is possible you know.
Win the best customer, other doors will open-flow.

Cash flow and budget management first,
If the numbers don’t stack up – it’s not what it’s worth.
The next stage in company development is hard,
Be utterly frugal, value each penny,
Be patient, work hard.

Raising finance a costly challenge – forget it if you can,
Build a business which retains equity – that’s your best plan.
Find or make a niche, grow determined, calculate risks, be brave,
Most of all build a team – delegate well to avoid the grave.

Practice your unique pitch, deliver it with aplomb.
Be less British – love your shadows, look forward – on, on.
Maximise your advantages – sell through the dark,
Travel in economy – leave your mark.

In time you will learn the plan needs a tweak.
Your advantage to move swiftly,
Listen to your customer,
Let them speak.

Strive always to deliver brilliant customer service.
Things will go wrong, be clear but THEY pay the bills.
On the worst days you must always own it,
You have everything to loose.

The younger you start, the easier it is,
Export your socks off, research and become a global whizz.
Invest in great tech and a website that rocks,
Constantly build – together, drive forward, think out of the box.

People grow value when respected and empowered,
Task them and challenge them, target them for their likes.
Set goals, share your vision, set values, let them have the mike.
Genuinely, business must be fun, great businesses need planning, great leadership – are you the one?

With effort, energy and focused determination,
Through Enterprise we will change the potential of this nation.
Corporates need to collaborate, engage embrace new ways.
There are lots of excuses you can give to delay,

Written by Fay Pottinger

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