Sales Success Business Review

A Strategic Sales review with Lara Morgan, designed for business owners.

Lara MorganAre you a business owner/manager or CEO with serious ambition?

Does this sound a bit like you? If it does, please get in touch. We have a plan for you and your business.

You’re frustrated that your previous efforts to increase sales revenue and create business growth have floundered or you’re paralysed.

Perhaps you are unclear what next steps are the ‘right steps’ to get you through, round, over the next growth pains to achieve success.

You believe in your company and your team but you have moments when you are:

  • struggling with change
  • creaking at the seams

You know you need to introduce professional process and in the past perhaps you have managed to juggle all the reports…but now you feel knackered and over-whelmed. You have disparity in your branding, the team seem overly reliant on you.

You have proven results and want to take that next leap on your business growth journey, but you don’t know why you are not increasing your top line revenue and bottom line profit at the rate you want.

During one structured 5 hour session with Lara Morgan, which has been preceded by around 9 hours preparation by you, we professionally query each step of:

  • your market opportunity
  • your client’s sales journey
  • your process
  • sales materials
  • communication templates
  • pipeline
  • prospect reporting.

I challenge your:

  • leadership
  • culture
  • focus
  • growth potential.

Not for the faint hearted, as you need to be prepared to hear some brutal truths, but a Sales Success Business Review massively increases the focus of your proposition, your strategy, and most importantly leaves you with:

  • clear priorities
  • supportive templates
  • huge drive to accelerate growth


What’s included:

  • Detailed pre-session template required for session pre-work which needs to be completed and sent with supporting documentation, 2 weeks prior to session delivery.
  • 5 hours 1:1 coaching from Lara Morgan at our London base.
  • A detailed post-session report which outlines all discussions, recommendations and actions.
  • As many complimentary templates, training downloads or video links from my library as referenced during the session emailed directly to you.


You’ll gain:

  • Support in devising a clear strategy to create profitable Growth Acceleration, tailored specifically for your business.
  • The confidence (and process maps) to build a sales structure that empowers growth through the application of our tried and tested strategies.
  • Focus to think ahead to build assets for the future change your business will experience.
  • An awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses in relation to growth leadership and remove any personal mental limitations.
  • A clear route map for which areas of the business to tackle first, allowing you to take a systematic approach to making internal change.
  • The courage to unlock the potential ability for others to add fuel to your efforts, sharing the burden of growth success.
  • A second pair of highly experienced, critical but supportive eyes to review your current business performance and guide your decisions from which to build a platform for growth.


“Following clever advanced prep, in one morning Lara has revised our presentation, significantly improved our pitch, highlighted our real USP and wholly built and renewed confidence in our sales approach. The value is frankly exceptional.”

Stefan Hendrickx –

My recent Sales Review with Lara was incredibly enlightening and inspirational. I’ve always known our business has real growth potential, but wasn’t sure how to make the step change from moderate to high level growth. I now know what I’m aiming for and have a much clearer idea of how to get there. This really has been a turning point and a great start for a committed focus on growth. This is one of the best investments I’ve made and if you’re serious about fast growth I would strongly recommend you talk to Lara.”

Andy Ross, Streme Window Screens UK

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Take that next step and contact me today to learn more about our original approach and discuss how a Sales Success Company Review could help your business grow.

Contact me today to learn more about our original approach and discuss how a Sales Success Company Review could help your business grow.


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