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Entrepreneur, Investor & Motivational Speaker

Lara Morgan

Straight Talking, No-nonsense Entrepreneur, and Mother of Three.

Lara Morgan ticks all the boxes as an engaging keynote and motivational speaker, provides valuable guidance and is dedicated to seeing accelerated growth enterprise from the businesses she is invested in.

Be not afraid, be enthusiastic.

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Years in Business
"Inspiring and motivational, loved every minute".

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Jo Neville

WOW Lara is amazing – I am not a fan of listening to podcasts/webinars etc but this grabbed my attention from the get go. Already placed my order too!Thanks for sharing a truly inspirational & motivational lady.

JohnGalvanize Summit

I attended the Galvanize virtual summit on Thursday 7th May 2020 and on reflection just wanted to send a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your contribution. It was truly inspirational to hear your views in managing through times of adversity; I for one came away feeling refreshed and invigorated by your insights and shared learnings.

RosieF word event

Oh my god this is amazing
Really great advise. Mistakes are the best way to learn…
What an amazing panel
Trusting your instinct is essential.
3 teenage confident women at home is the future Lara!
Awesome panel, thank you
Great panel!
This session was incredible, thank you so much
Thank-you. Thank-you such a great day.
This is the best event I have done this year, and there have been many
This is the most organised on it event of wonderful kick arse, women telling it straight

Scott English

Many congratulations on how amazing you were on the EBL presents virtual evening last Thursday. You really gave some fantastic insight to the questions from Hannah and those at home. Thanks ever so much for being a part of it.

Chloe JohnsonThe Great British Entrepreneur Awards

Lara, you were absolutely fantastic and a big hit with our audience (actually the most viewed so far!). We had 148 registrations for the webinar, and 93 attendees tuned in throughout the session. A brilliant turnover rate!

Need name?Coventry University London

Thank you very much for visiting us today and sharing your experience and knowledge. I absolutely loved the communication style, engagement with the audience and the straight- forwardness. Really changed my opinion of CEO's, you inspired me to be more condent and authentic. Fake it till you make it!

Seth Lewis

I had great debriefs with students about Lara's presentation last Wednesday.Needless to say, getting them to put it down on paper a lot harder but please find attached some of what they did write on the wall.What's brilliant is that she did very much speak to them at their level rather than down to them which they really appreciated - and for me that she covered so much ground relevant to all their modules. This is one that they will definitely remember

Helene Martin GeePink Shoe Event

Lara Morgan motivated us with lots of top ideas to be more successful and business savvy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your talk was the highlight of the day. Brilliant ideas delivered with no-nonsense panache. You were amazing. People were still talking about you at the end and said they’d made notes and will be acting on your ideas – a result!

Suzie NeuwirthPeer2peer finance news

Thanks so much for a great talk - that was a fantastic way to kick off the event! As a business owner myself that definitely gave me some food for thought.

Steve McGarry

Lara’s experience as an expert entrepreneur produced quality content for our listeners. She was prepared and shared her process of having started and successfully exited her business. Insights from her personal journey increased exposure to the world of business exits. Listen to the podcast here

Words from the students

Inspiring & real! Loved hearing about the hardest decision you had to make. Learned so much...about making hard decisions, culture, consumer behaviour, approachable & inspiring, talked with us not at us!

Tamara Gillian

I wanted to write and personally thank-you for your support of the WealthiHer She’s got this summit. We thank-you for sharing your precious time, experiences and knowledge. We achieved some great things together. Nearly 700 joined us from across the globe from London to Leeds, Hong Kong and Singapore to New York, Auckland and Shanghai. We had over 100 speakers with us, and hours of thought provoking insights, commentary and expertise shared. We cannot thank-you enough.

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