Lara’s predictions for 2022, and what small business owners can do to get ahead of the gain, perhaps drawing off some of Lara’s experiences, preparations and plans for FY22.

  1. Start with giving your staff a whole break at Christmas. If possible a shopping day extra bonus surprise in the run up in the next three weeks or in lieu of working Christmas which is tough when people have not been with family
  2. Make a clear decision about working place and expectations looking forward and do your numbers as cash will remain king and lots of people are running out of it.
  3. Alas, making the tough decisions now so that you go into the new year with a controlled overhead that is going to enable better success in months to come makes a difference. Trading times in some industries remain exceptionally difficult. KNOW which channels really make you money when properly allocated with all the costs. For example including returns from Amazon, knowing which of your staff are multi-tasking and able to add value if you have to shrink, these skills pay dividends. The sanity of making the right choices now will bode well for the next year bounce back that we are all still awaiting. For many sectors particularly hospitality, fitness, conference and events organisers we need to get back to a new way fast – there is no getting back to what we used to do which is very tough for those simply hanging on waiting for commuter return. The numbers do not make sense.
  4. There will be and always should be a continual progression for efficiency in the use of ever increasing smart technology should be adopted. Make sure you have considered the newness that these developments can bring to your business AI and data is gold remains more important than ever for community building. Plus check if you subscribing to any old Apps you no longer need. Cancel them and do a housekeeping check of your expenses – again.
  5. Never stop communicating the whole picture of what your goals and aims are reminding your team that continual personal development, education, setting new challenges is the way you operate with the only constant being change.

Remind yourself perhaps also that you have been brave enough to start it, innovative enough to keep going, energetic enough to survive but if the effort becomes simply too much stop or sell.


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