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Company Shortcuts

Developing ambitious sales leaders.

Entrepreneurial heavy-weights and sales growth strategists Lara Morgan and Nicola Cook are wholly dedicated to excellence in sales and leadership. Through Company Shortcuts, they offer a range of products, services and events to enable ambitious business leaders to achieve accelerated growth.


Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the following:


CS-SS-Academy-Logo-TRANSPARENTOur Sales Secrets Sales Academy© programme can be offered in conjunction with an energising sales conference, or over a series of workshops delivered onsite. Purchase the licensed TRAIN THE TRAINER option so that your own internal trainers can access our comprehensive materials, frameworks and maximise your initial investment by maintaining your internal momentum.

  • Perfect your sales pitch
  • Presentation pride
  • Hold skilled sales conversations with purpose
  • Negotiate for a Win:Win
  • Maximise your breaking in / cold conversations rate to prospects value
  • Capturing the pipeline potential and improve your conversion rates across your whole team



CS-BA-Leadership-Logo-TRANSPARENTA company wanting to accelerate their sales growth must know how to create success in each of these four key areas of their business:

  • Sales strategy
  • Sales Team
  • Sales Tools
  • Sales Techniques



Sales Success business reviewDuring one structured 5 hour session with Lara Morgan, which has been preceded by around 9 hours preparation by you, we professionally query each step of:

  • your market opportunity
  • your client’s sales journey
  • your process
  • sales materials
  • communication templates
  • pipeline
  • prospect reporting.
  • skills Masterclasses


The Company Shortcuts range of products, services and events are the catalyst for ambitious business owners, sales leaders and their teams to achieve accelerated growth through the improvement of their own business’s Sales Engines.

If you want to accelerate your business growth but have struggled to create scalability in your sales function, successfully introduce profitable process or recruit and develop teams of highly skilled ‘SalesBlazers’, then we can help you.

Join us at our next Business Blast event or Sales Secrets Masterclass, and please use our FREE Downloadable Business Frameworks or connect with our online community in our Sales Growth for Entrepreneurs LinkedIn group.