Game Changers Women’s Leadership network

Lara will be speaking at the Game Changers Women’s Leadership network on 4th May at 12pm BST.

This is an invitation-only group for senior female leaders who are actively engaged in making positive change happen, whether within a corporate, as entrepreneurs, or in the wider world.

If you’d like to attend, please drop your LinkedIn profile and a few lines about how you fit the Game Changers profile to Ashleigh Broadbent –

How to master sales as a game changer, with Lara Morgan

If you’re anything like me, you’ve grown up being told things like: it’s better to ‘wait and be offered’ than to go asking; always play nicely and share; and never talk to strangers.

If that’s how we’ve been socialised, is it any wonder that many of us growing up thinking sales (i.e. spending your time asking strangers for ALL, not some) is a bit of a dirty word?

Enter Lara Morgan, one of the UK’s most successful female entrepreneurs and no BS, powerhouse sales person. Founder of Pacific Direct, which she sold in 2008 for £20mn at a 99% share, Lara has since become an investor in wellbeing products.

This is Lara’s second outing with the Game Changers group and our opportunity to quiz her on her extensive sales background and how we can master an art that holds so many of us back.

Lara believes that whether we’re representing ourselves, our company or a wider cause, we’re all sales people and that sales is a profession to be proud of.

We’ll talk failures, ’sweaty knicker moments’ and the mindset required to make the stuff you care about happen.

It’s a lunchtime session, so bring a bite to eat and come ready to share your own experiences surrounding selling and any questions you’d like to put to Lara.

You’ll leave having experienced Lara’s incredible energy, some super practical and inspiring techniques and a solid kick in the backside.


May 04 2021


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