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Internship/Job Description

Functionality Group of companies who work mainly invest and drive early-stage start-up companies within the health, lifestyle, and wellbeing sectors (ScenteredGlobal AmenitiesYogi-bareKitbrix, dryrobe, Gate8, and newco) are seeking an intern to work alongside the owner/entrepreneur who has an opening for someone who is willing to learn, bring skills to the table and be on a fast track journey of learning and working.  Our team all work from home but this role will initially be based in our Customer Service base in Ansty Wiltshire but with the opportunity to work from home too.

For those who are not familiar with the Entrepreneur role and personality, be warned they are a unique breed!  They work at 1000 miles an hour, expect a lot but give so much back in return.  They will help you achieve and grow and not hold you back. So be prepared to be in the fast lane of learning, using the skills you have gained so far at school/college/uni, gaining hands-on experience in the workplace, being allowed to use your brain and your voice – your opinion matters!  You will learn new life skills that will set you up for the working world for life. You will also be expected to move boxes, in due course attend events at the weekend and all our staff understands at the heart of everything you have to learn to sell.

What do we need from you?

To come prepared and ready for some hard work and a busy full day.  If you want a slow and quiet pace, this role is not for you.  You will need to be excel literate, a good communicator, excellent in math’s and above all willing to learn and to go that extra mile.  You need to be agile and able to apply common sense. Design and ppt presentation skills are a bonus.

The Role:

Working alongside the Owner and other members of the team working initially on a specific project dealing with the consumer goods that we sell, working on the production costs of goods, working out profitability, and looking at offering “bundles” of selected goods, what would they cost, what the profit would be, what should we prioritise to sell and so forth.  You will of course be trained and shown what is required and what will be needed to do.

What we offer

A fun team to work with, a unique place to work (a magical barn based in the grounds of the owner’s manor), a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow, life skills and you will be paid the minimum wage to do so.


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