Investment Criteria

I am a sales person first and foremost and have worked in sales roles in publishing, advertising, promotional marketing, and gifting.

By default (I arrived first) I became a half-decent soap and toiletries salesperson and during the process of building my company Pacific Direct is learned a wide range of skills including brand and product licensing, I learned about toiletries and cosmetics products, I owned my own plastics manufacturing business and I had salespeople in 9 countries delivering goods to 110 so I know a lot about export and these challenges.


Pacific Direct sold as an SME with great systems, processes, and an awesome culture. The success was built by the team and hence people will always come first in any investment decision I make. I do not actively search for new investments. However, when someone approaches me, I am certain of the process I undertake to ensure the best possible chance of success by isolating common denominators shared by any business. I do focus within sectors I know a bit about as I think investors should significantly add value through their network, introductions, and by providing good business sense.

I read recently “There’s a usual checklist of fundamentals that never change. Have the people at the top of the business got good backgrounds? Are they making the right decisions? Do they employ the right people?” In a very early stage investment, with unproven but fledgling potential, it is all about the leadership.

Any due diligence process that might start begins with a phone call with me if you have piqued my interest.

I invest in businesses where I believe in the product and the person driving it forward. I am interested in developing the confidence of the individuals leading, with advice on systems and process foundations. I invest where I can see significant growth potential – always taking a global perspective. I actively look to invest in businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Financial capital requirement of between £50,000 and £1,000,000
  • Strong management team but with intellectual capital requirement for additional experience and expertise at Board level
  • Growing
  • Profit before interest and tax clearly on the horizon
  • Robust, defensible business model with high margins
  • Complementary needs in the business growth platform or complementary promotional opportunities help

Fun-ctionality Investments

We are a private investment firm that partners with exceptional founder-led businesses to help them accelerate their growth and achieve their full international potential. Formed in 2012 and led by Lara Morgan, an experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record. For more than 30 years she has been selling products and services in fast-growth environments and has enabled a broad range of operational, financial, systems, and process enhancement whilst determining a clear strategic sales niche to maximise value.

The Fun-ctionality team possesses expertise and experience across a wide variety of skills including world-class business operations, financial competency required to manage from source, stock, and supply chain through a multiple range of sales channels, and the ability to support advise and grow exceptional teams of people.