TriathlonRecently I competed in the 2011 World Triathlon Championships in Beijing, it was a great honour to be chosen. But during a rare quiet moment I thought about how the Triathlon is very much like running your own business.

The planning, target setting, self-discipline, irrational endeavour to be the best, the will to learn from the competition, to beat them and finally to succeed in triathlon has so much in common with the traits required in enterprise.

So I ask the question…are entrepreneurs born or made?

I actually do still believe that enterprise is down to drive, energy and a myriad of skills, which anyone can choose to command.  But on the other hand I do feel that those who really progress in business have the most competitive natures, a real strength to succeed and get better rather than live with the status quo.

Having just competed in the World Triathlon Championships, surrounded by a phenomenally talented group of athletes, I am in awe of the ability and standards that some people apply and I personally I cannot resist the urge to challenge others to stay fit and healthy, whether it be in business or general well being. After all it is imperative we look after ourselves whilst also retaining focus on the end goal. The desire to be better, go faster and to build on success can work in all aspects of life.

I wonder whether it is an inbuilt competitive nature that perhaps makes some entrepreneurs that little bit more that stands them in better place? Certainly we can all learn from each other, undoubtedly like success in the workplace, the more one is surrounded by excellence the higher the standards and potential we endeavour to conquer….when did you last learn something from another member of your team, or have an update as you stroll around the local park on a fine day in fresh air…inject variety into what you do and your team will enjoy the process.

Written by Lara Morgan
Lara Morgan is best known for growing Pacific Direct, from start-up to successful exit, 23 years later. She now invests her time in fast growth companies and represents UKTI as an Export Ambassador, having previously exported to 110 countries. Her vast experience and business knowledge includes specialisms in licensing luxury brands, manufacturing toiletries and selling to the hospitality environment through complex global distribution chains. She's also an expert in leadership and developing talent having learnt through her own experiences of employing 500 employees in an open fast growth sales culture.


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