Start Up Britain

I am proud to be a founding member of StartUp Britain, a national campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, harnessing the expertise and passion of Britain’s leading businesspeople to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in the UK.
StartUp Britain was launched on 28th March 2011 by the Prime Minister, with the full support of the Chancellor and HM Government, although it is completely funded by our private-sector sponsors (BT Business, Dell, Intel, Intuit, Iris and PayPal).

This is a response from the private sector to the Government’s call for an ‘enterprise-led’ recovery.

Visit the StartUp Britain website.


Women’s Sport Trust


Women’s Sport Trust raises the visibility and increases the impact of women’s sport through the promotion of diverse athlete role models, increasing media coverage and improving the funding landscape. We are a leading UK charity focused on using the power of sport to accelerate gender equality and stimulate social change.

“My belief in importance of sports stars to inspire the next generation support of WST.” – Lara Morgan

Visit the Women’s Sport Trust Website


Prostate Cancer Research Centre


I am delighted to support The Prostate Cancer Research Centre, which carries out valuable research into the causes of and treatment for the UK’s most frequently diagnosed male cancer.

Visit the Prostate Cancer Research Centre Website


1 More Child

1More Child empowers vulnerable children in Uganda through games, education and mentoring. The organisation currently supports 160 children by providing school fees, 3 meals a day, school uniforms, school supplies, shoes, clothes, medical care, tutoring, mentoring, a football club and various other activities.

Visit the 1More Child Website


Its a Penalty

The It’s a Penalty Campaign harnesses the power of sport to prevent the exploitation of children globally, positioning major sporting events as platforms for positive change. We are the global movement to end child exploitation, bringing together the biggest names in sport, governing sporting bodies, international airlines, hotels, governments, law enforcement agencies, major corporations, international NGOs and the general public. Having had a phenomenal impact at both the 2014 World Cup and Rio 2016 Olympics & Paralympics in Brazil, our upcoming campaigns will take place around the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics & Paralympics (South Korea), and the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (Australia). Our ultimate goal is to eradicate the sexual exploitation of children by 2030, contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals’ Target 16.2 ‘to end abuse, exploitation, trafficking, torture and all forms of violence against children’.

Visit the It’s a Penalty