I invest in businesses where I can add significant transformational value through my experience, my network, and sales skills. With giant gazelle-like leaps, I like to unleash the potential of these businesses with systems and processes and people as I did within my journey with Pacific Direct. Ultimately it drills down to people who I think show the behaviour, attitude, and determination to grow ambitiously.

If your people share your passion, you are half way there.

Investment wise, my portfolio is focussed on the things I have experience in and are relative to my black book of advantage. This includes wellbeing and hospitality, as well as those sectors that embrace my love of the outdoors and sports. Sector-wise I have been privileged to work in trading companies, the publishing business, hospitality, brand licensing, toiletries, and hotel supplies.

I know a bit about stuff like the manufacturing of plastic bottles, injection moulding, toiletries manufacture, and some packaging detail. I have a China office which can bring groundbreaking change to some companies. I rarely invest outside this space.

The exception will always be people related – those who are outstandingly creative, utterly focused, and determined to succeed.