Book Recomendations

Welcome to my bookshelf. This is my condensed list of must-reads for all aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. I continue to gift some of them frequently as an encouragement for personal development.

Sales Stuff

(This is my Number 1 fave book)
Author: Jeffrey J Fox
Book Name: How to become a Rainmaker

Author: Spencer Johnson
Book Name: The One Minute Sales Person

Author: Tom Richardson
Book Name: Business is a Contact Sport

Learning About Being A CEO

(I always felt to have arrived by fluke and continually tried to earn the right to be one.)
Author: D.A. Benton
Book Name:  How to think like a CEO

Author: Douglas Barry
Book Name:  Wisdom for a Young CEO

Author: Mark Thomas with Gary Miles and Peter Fisk
Book Name:  The Complete CEO

Rewarding The Right Stuff

Author: Bob Nelson
Book Name:  1001 Ways to energize Employees

Author: Bob Nelson
Book Name:  1001 Ways to Reward Employees (Updated Version – 1501 Ways to Reward Employees)

Efficiency Is At The Heart Of Success

Author: Stephanie Winston
Book Name:  The Organized Executive

Author: Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan
Book Name:  Execution The Discipline of getting things done

Book: The Rules of Work

Great Business Leadership Thinking

Author: Jim Collins
Book Name:  Good to Great

My second absolutely fave book read nearly as many times as the Rainmaker
Author: Jack Canfield / Mark Victor Hansen / Les Hewitt
Book Name:  The Power of Focus

Other Great Business Learning Books

Author: Scott Blanchard and Madelein Homan
Book Name: Leverage your Best, Ditch the rest

Author: Pam Jones
Book Name: The Performance Management Pocketbook

Author: Robert Heller
Book Name: How To Delegate
And all the rest of the Essential Managers Guides by Dorling Kindersley

Author: Dale Carnegie & Associates
ALL his books but mostly
Book Name: How to win friends and influence people
Book Name: The leader in you

Author: Luke Johnson
Book Name: Start It Up: Why Running Your Own Business is Easier Than You Think