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Below is a list of topics where Lara will share her experiences and business expertise. Lara will never deliver the same speech twice. She prefers big crowds, but like all things of value as able to WOW small audiences and intimate workshops, for a price!!!

The Pacific story of success

In this speech: I share my compelling story of setting up a business as a one-man band, age 23, through to the sale of my 99% shareholding in 2008. Sharing key lessons learned along the way as well as offering practical advice and tips to encourage any aspiring entrepreneur or business owner.

Business Survival

In this speech: I explain how perseverance, hard work and evolution are essential to the survival of any business. I offer my own insights and applicable advice into the reality of dealing with difficult decisions and taking decisive action during tough times without diminishing your potential.

Licenses, ventures and partnerships

In this speech: We focus on the impact of forming alliances in business; ranging from relationships with your team, customers and suppliers to strategic alliances and partnerships.


In this speech: I explain how to maximise your businesses potential through the foundations of your leadership style and how it can impact directly on the performance of your team and your business. If you expect exceptional results you should be leading by example and in this speech I share some great practical tips on how.

The Competitive Games of International Business

In this speech: The world is a small place but international sales can be a big challenge for any business. I underline the key principles behind successful international trading, including planning, logistics, investment, networking and market penetration.

Creating a culture of winning

In this speech: In my experience creating the right environment and recruiting the right people are what can make a truly exceptional business. In this speech I talk about how the importance of developing a challenging, rewarding, creative culture can have monumental impact on your business performance.

Relentless Sales and Marketing

In this speech: Sales and marketing are necessities to the success of a business, you cannot do without either process and they must evolve. By strategically combining both efforts you can experience successful business growth. This speech covers the skills required from creating sales and maximizing opportunities to reporting and sales retention.

Accelerated Business Growth

In this speech: Contains key principles for taking your business model from small to medium size. Covering the importance of improvements in business strategy, planning and measurement through to the emphasis of team and networking.


In this speech: I provide the fundamental knowledge needed to start a new organization. It covers topics such as fund raising, positioning, branding, recruiting, rainmaking, and business planning. The intended audience is anyone starting anything-from two guys starting the next Google to social activists. Based on: The Art of the Start.

Innovation & Product Development 

In this speech: I emphasize the importance of any businesses ability to successfully identify and launch new products in constantly evolving and demanding markets. I cover the whole process from product conception to the launch, brand positioning, and staying ahead of your competition.


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