Lara Morgan joined Elite Business Live 2023 ‘On Tour’ at the Evening Standard SME Xpo recently. We were overwhelmed with Lara’s contribution to what was already a star-studded line-up. Her no-nonsense views and contribution on finance and growth around innovating your business model was exceptional, the audience were completely engaged, and the takeaway value was massive. We’ve welcomed Lara many times to our exclusive panels for EBL, and everytime her delivery is second to none in educating, inspiring and motivating the minds of some of the most up and coming fast track start-up’s in the UK today.

Scott English

Lara’s session was beautifully open and honest, filled with straight to the point, yet heartfelt and moving stories. It was a much-needed reminder to take a moment for ourselves and one which left us feeling invigorate.

Annie, WealthiHer

We were fortunate for Lara to speak at our team day. Her insight and passion for the wellbeing and mental health in the workplace shone through the informal chat. Lara's straight shooting approach made us all laugh & cry but most importantly, gave us a lot to think about as well as some tangible ways to centre ourselves in the workplace and beyond.

Elle, WealthiHer

As award winning business events organizers, at T.W.A. we realize that the sole interest of the business community can be our only focus. Therefore post event analysis has to reflect that exhibitors and visitors alike gained and not lost, but also wanted to repeat the experience by supporting our future events.

The foundation stone for Expo 2011 at Salisbury/Wilts was our keynote speaker Lara Morgan, advance bookings created a packed and enthusiastic audience and for 90 minutes she held their attention, so effective was her presentation that the following speaker was delayed while Lara was “book signing” for her newly acquired followers who refused to be moved.

What is more important than anyone putting in a single appearance and gaining applause, is their capability to leave a lasting impression, something different that separates them from the rest. In this instance with Lara Morgan, you not only learned a lot, but you witnessed a real passion to help others and an indomitable spirit that left you thinking she could make a real contribution to our economy if she could only reach out to more people.

I know that her intention since selling her business is not to “retire” but to put something back into the business community by helping others whilst reflecting on her own hard won experience. Personally I think she will go much further and I look forward to seeing her name mentioned alongside the likes of Sir Alan Sugar as a mentor and figurehead working hard to help our economy to get back on its feet.

John Lee, Franchising & Business Development at TWA

I heard Lara Morgan speak for a business event supported by the EU Regional Development Fund, the Convergence Fund and the UKTI in November 2014. She spoke about the importance of exporting for UK businesses, about her experiences doing business abroad and the importance of self-belief and sales experience that she learnt when setting up Pacific Direct.

Lara has a refreshingly direct, no-nonsense approach to business – she makes the audience, no matter how large or small feel as if she is talking directly to them. She is unfazed if people interrupt and ask her about a problem that they are having with their business mid-presentation and encourages audience participation throughout. Lara seems unflappable – she puts her ideas across without ceremony, in a witty, practical and highly entertaining way. I was mesmerized!

Being in the communications industry, I was inspired by Lara’s practical and at the same time, her no-holds-barred and irreverent approach to presenting. Her talk visibly charmed and appealed to young and old, men or women, business beginner or seasoned professional alike.
A highly memorable presentation!

Sophie Kazan, Director – Pinkpoppy Strategic Communications

Lara, You always blow me away! You’re input and wisdom for these entrepreneurs is powerful and generous.

They look up to you as a role model and your approach seriously rocks.

You’re humble and self depreciating, you’re all about results and sales and you always share “street smart” advice. You’ve made big bucks, you don’t need to be out helping people, you could be sitting at home buying expensive toys on eBay… but instead you choose to give back in a very real way to up and coming entrepreneurs.

Thanks so much for being part of the event and for being the inspiring person you are.

Daniel Priestley, Entrevo Pte Ltd

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for yesterday.

The initial feedback we’ve received has been fantastic and you have been a great support from the moment we got in touch.

For me it was wonderful to have someone like yourself speaking. Not only does it inspire and help our members, but it also made my life so much easier in terms of knowing the presentation would be great and so only really having to focus on running the other parts of the day.

Thanks again, you were brilliant.

Steven Gibson, The Entrepreneurs Forum

We’ve decided – you are the best! A huge thank you for your inspirational key speech at Chichester College Business Twilight event. We’ve had so much positive feedback from guests who were “wowed” by you, a natural motivational speaker. We will certainly continue more fervently to promote Company Shortcuts as there are a lot of really useful tools for business and your “More Balls than Most” book is packed with practical tips, so no wonder it flew off the shelfstrong>Tara Lovejoy, Chichester College

Lara Morgan is that rarest of individuals – a highly successful entrepreneur who has distilled the lessons learned along her journey and is able to share them with others embarking on their own. If you don’t have the time, money or inclination for a ‘real-life’ MBA, then listen to Lara.

Simon McNeill-Ritchie, Managing Director at Franchising Works

Having the privilege of just one hour with Lara Morgan had been an unforgettable and inspiring session, the NEA students were overwhelmed at Lara’s openness and down to earth personality. Having the opportunity to learn from such an experienced and gifted woman in British business cannot be matched.

Lara’s journey had been one of difficulty, but because of her perseverance and hard work she is now one of the top entrepreneurial business women. We look forward to hearing from her and what her plans are in the near future. A true inspiration and great role model.

Oliver Brown, Chairman of I-CAN

Lara Morgan is a huge success and I felt it to be a great privilege to hear her story and experiences. Lara’s advice and tips are highly valued and I will be putting them to practice in my own business; her words of wisdom are often quoted throughout my team. One thing I admire about Lara is her ability to be 100% real, her straight talking style was much appreciated and allowed us to clearly understand and engage.

Overall Lara came across as kind hearted, devoted mother as well as a strong-minded business woman who knows what she wants. As a team we found her masterclass highly motivating and inspirational, it even resulted in one person missing their last bus home, just to stay till the end.

Louis John, Chairman of Orion

I felt that Lara’s talk gave a no nonsense straight talking summary of some key issues facing small growing businesses. Her style of presentation was very different from the very beginning from other speakers I have listened to before which I found refreshing. She was honest about the challenges facing businesses mixing in her own story supported by anecdotes with advice applicable to other businesses.

The thing that resonated with me was how she grew her business Pacific Direct in the high end hospitality sector which I can directly relate to as it is the industry sector that 60% of our sales come from. For example, Lara was encouraged to pitch to the Dorchester very early on and we did exactly the same some 5 years ago. The Dorchester are still one of our regular customers.
Lara was specific about knowing your numbers in her talk and this is something that we have learned is essential. She was also specific about going the extra mile in customer service which again is one of our obsessions.

I tend not to attend such talks with any pre-conceived ideas or expectations, however I was looking forward to listening to Lara because of the background of pitching to hotels.

The takeaways for me would be;
1. Know your numbers and analyse them to death.
2. Concentrate on giving the very best customer service and experience that you possibly can.
3. Be persistent. Sales come only through graft and persistence. 187 calls to forte before converting them is something that we can definitely relate to as a business. We have been courting travelogue and Premier Inn for some three years… very frustrating!
4. Employ people that are better than yourself.

Chris Davies, Paint Plus Colour Systems Ltd.

Lara Morgan was an extremely motivational and inspirational person. She talked about how she became a success and how to apply our talents to real life. As an entrepreneur, she told us about what business is like in real life and the reality we should be prepared for.

Lara shared some key points with us that I now use on a day to day basis to inspire me in what I do. Lara gave out a very positive vibe and presented the session in such a way that kept everyone engaged at all times. Lara is definitely an inspiration to me and left me motivated and hungry for success.

Alex Fakhri, Chairman of Elevaid