The WIMBIZ London Conference

Currently in its 23rd year, WIMBIZ has solidified its position as a leading professional business membership organisation in Nigeria, steadily increasing the growth rate of high-achieving women in management, business, and public service. The WIMBIZ flagship annual conference has held consistently for 22 years in Nigeria and has attracted averagely 25,000 delegates from inception.

In 2023, WIMBIZ extended its footprints to the United Kingdom and Europe, giving the growing diaspora members and potential delegates an opportunity to be inspired and network at the Conference. The 2023 WIMBIZ London conference attracted over 300 participants from across Europe and Africa.

The WIMBIZ London Conference will inspire delegates to excel in all sessions with grit and a vigor that will challenge them to see no limitations but only possibilities. In view of which, as many as are entrepreneurs, they will find ways to innovate and create their prosperous journey. In addition, corporate and public sector professionals are inspired by strong role models to boost their career path.

Conference Thematic Focus
The Conference theme of Next Level: Succeeding Beyond Boundaries is to stir up the need for participants to start thinking of what their next big move is wherever they are in their careers, roles and wherever they find themselves. It attempts to provoke the minds of delegates and challenge them to look beyond the boundaries they have set for themselves and allow them to embrace the myriads of opportunities that lie ahead.

The theme will also focus on the achievements and success stories of women who have overcome challenges after moving to a new country. The theme will explore the unique experiences, resilience, and accomplishments of these women and how inspiring it is to see how they thrive and make impact in their new communities

I look forward to seeing everyone there.